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The EXCELINA Show Demo Reel

March 12, 2018

 Excelina Ordonez-  See Me Starring In My Next Movie Production -BAD ACTRESS The Movie. She'll Kill It!

 Excelina is a movie star, Versace model, fashion designer, television and radio personality, fitness coach, nutrition enthusiast, world traveler and entrepreneur - as she builds the

X Brand” in the Americas.

Why she is interesting is the question? From her unique look to dialect nothing about Excelina is conventional and it’s easy to see why her audiences are going to love this Columbia export.

Excelina’s last movie that she starred in EXPOSURE, with Hollywood iconic actor Corey Feldman, (Goonies, Lost Boys, Stand by Me), is currently in release in Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon and Netflix. 

EXCELINA continues her movie star appearance in the current feature film productions "PEGASUS" and "CASUE AND EFFECT" being produced by The Movie Studio, Inc. as she co-stars with famous American iconic R & B Performer, Lillian Niocole McCloud, Celebrity Dr. Robert Rey ("Dr. 90120") and Mahammad Ali, Jr..


BAD Actress - Official Movie Trailer

February 12, 2018